Mouth-Watering Chocolate Dessert
Kills 67 Year Old Husband's ED in 59 Minutes

Here’s how a frustrated wife helped her husband get his erections back.

Thanks to this twist on a chocolate dessert, Karen Burke cured her husband's ED in less than an hour. Learn how you can cure your ED too! No Viagra needed.

Karen felt depressed. She wanted to end it all - her marriage, her life. She’s married to her college sweetheart Allan for over 40 years.

Yet, the man she fell in love with became an unhappy ghost of his old self. Allan was suffering from ED for the past 7 years.

When he could no longer get an erection, they stopped making love. Then, they stopped kissing each other. They stopped sleeping in the same bed.

Their love was dead.

Sometimes Viagra helped Allan’s erectile dysfunction. But, having to perform in a limited timeframe killed the mood & passion.

Other men had the same issues.

A 2018 US study tested men over 40 who use Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis for their erectile dysfunction. They still reported problems and frustrations with their sex lives.

Before we tell you about the chocolate dessert that cured ED in 59 minutes, let’s talk about how...

...Karen was on the brink of disaster.

There were nights she wanted to swallow a bottle of pills and end her life. At the age of 66, she no longer wanted to live like this.

One evening, she decided to end it all.

She was alone in her kitchen. Pouring herself a glass of red wine. Bottle of pills nearby.

Karen spilled some wine on her granite countertop. As she tore off a sheet of paper towel, she saw pictures of her family on the wall.

Her children. Her grandchildren all smiling while on holiday together.

And in that moment, Karen snapped out of it. She broke down in tears.

She knew what she had to do instead.

Sober in an instant, she went on her computer. She kept searching for ED solutions. Most were obvious scams.

Others, like penile injection therapy, seemed too painful, inconvenient, and expensive.

Out of ideas, Karen went back into the kitchen and saw an old business card on the fridge. It was for Allan’s urologist.

2 days later, she had an appointment with the doctor. Allan didn’t know.

The doctor asked Karen if Allan had any of these problems:

  • Failure to please her during sex?
  • Lack of stamina and libido?
  • Poor sexual performance?
  • Short lasting erections?

Karen looked like she was about to cry. She nodded “Yes” after each question.

“Cheer up, Karen. I have some good news and some bad news. For the good news. If your husband follows my instructions, he'll fix his ED. And your marriage problems forever. The bad news is I won’t get to talk golf with your husband in my office anytime soon.”

The urologist told Karen there was a new trial product. US studies show it cured erectile dysfunction for 98% of men. The test group could perform for up to 2 hours. It’s natural organic herbs with no side effects

Here’s a chart comparing the effectiveness between Viagra and this new trial product:

The urologist showed her a 2nd chart. It compared the percentage of men who experienced negative side effects between the 2 products:

The lack of side effects (0%) in the new trial product intrigued Karen.

One of the urologist’s longtime patients, Jeffrey R., was open to share:

“I was recommended the new trial product a few weeks ago. It helped me get hard for the first time in almost a decade. I’m 71 and it took less than an hour for things to kick in. My wife Alice is glowing in happiness daily now. Thank you!”

Karen was sitting there imagining what could be.

Seeing her and Allan caught up in passion. In bed together.

The two of them traveling in Europe deeply in love. As if they were on their honeymoon again.

Imagining what it would be like for Allan to reclaim his masculinity.

What it’d be like for Allan to take control of her in bed.

Once again.

Infinite Edge ME Booster (the product used in the study) was not yet in stores. Allan’s urologist called Infinite Edge ME Booster & arranged a trial sample for him.

And what about the chocolate dessert? We’ll get to that in a second.

First, let’s dive into...

What Makes Infinite Edge ME Booster Work?

Each capsule of Infinite Edge ME Booster contains a blend of:

  • Horny goat
  • Tonkat Ali
  • Ginseng root
  • Maca powder
  • Potency wood
  • Oyster shell extracts

Ancient Chinese herbalists used these ingredients for the last 5000 years.

Infinite Edge ME Booster is unique because of its patented TRTT technology. This increases the effectiveness of the ingredients by 210 times.

Here’s a chart comparing the effectiveness of a product without TRTT and one with TRTT:

After 1 hour, here’s a comparison of how much of each product has entered the bloodstream:

That’s why Infinite Edge ME Booster can cure a man’s ED within an hour. Thanks to this revolution TRTT technology.

And Allan Urologist even said:

“I have a colleague who also specializes in urology. He first told me about Infinite Edge ME Booster and thinks the TRTT technology will revolutionize the field. And no side effects too.”

Imagine what a breakthrough like this could do for men with ED?

Marriages could be saved. Couples could be happy again.

And men could be the masculine men they deserve to be.

Karen Had Allan Try Infinite Edge ME Booster!

But not in the way you’d expect.

Karen knew Allan had too much pride. He would never admit that he needed help with his erectile dysfunction. There was no way he would take Infinite Edge ME Booster on his own.

So she had an idea.

They're pretty much non-romantic housemates. Yet, Karen still loved to make food for Allan. She is his wife after all.

Every night after dinner, she’d make Allan a mouth-watering chocolate milkshake. But this time, with a twist.

She mixed in 2 capsules of Infinite Edge ME Booster in his milkshake. This was the same day Karen received the trial product from the urologist.

Infinite Edge ME Booster Saved Their Marriage

Karen said:

“I wanted to see if Infinite Edge ME Booster was the real deal. I was desperate. Wanted to save the marriage for the kids, our grandkids. I wanted to feel loved again. In less than 60 minutes after finishing his milkshake, Allan walked into the bedroom. I was getting ready for bed.

This was the first time in years that Allan had this look on his face. He wanted me. He desired me. He craved me. I looked down, and I saw Allan’s throbbing erection. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Allan was hard for almost 2 hours! I had no idea what hit me. I felt all these tingles I haven’t felt in so long. He gave me the best two orgasms of my 66 years!”

“To be honest, I was skeptical. There was no way a natural herbal pill could be this effective. Zero side effects too. Our sex life was back to the steamy passion we had in college.”

“Laying in our afterglow, I told Allan what I did to his milkshake. He was happy I did it. I still find it hard to believe that this pill works so well. And for less than the price of a movie ticket! Family gatherings have a better feel to them now. Our kids have definitely noticed something different about Allan and me. They can see our renewed love for each other. It’s worth every penny (I ordered 4 more bottles)."

What Have Other Men Experienced?

“Infinite Edge ME Booster was new to me. But, I was willing to try anything. My doctor said there were no side effects and it could give me an erection in 60 minutes or so. It was unbelievable. My wife can’t get enough of me! And it was so simple to use.”
-Ross Barden from Bedford, OH

“This is the only thing that works for me. And I’ve tried everything under the sun. It’s easy to use too. Take 2 capsules. And within an hour, I'm hard as a rock! Works like a charm and can’t fail me. My wife and I never go a day without that intimate time together. All thanks to Infinite Edge ME Booster.”
-Mark Robek from Duluth, MN

Our reader Paul Templeton from Stockton, CA even shared this text message he received from his wife Sandra:

Imagine you and your wife had a great night out.

You get home. The lights are dim. And you turn on some of your favorite music to get in that mood.

You and your wife lock eyes.

And because you took some Infinite Edge ME Booster an hour beforehand… were ready. For her.

And you gave her the night of a lifetime.

Wouldn’t you want that?

Will Infinite Edge ME Booster Work For You?

There are many erectile dysfunction solutions to try. Some have dangerous side effects. Others are painful and expensive. With all these options, it’s normal to be skeptical about results.

We won’t promise our readers anything. Instead, we chAllange you to follow in Karen and Allan’s footsteps & try it yourself.

Infinite Edge ME Booster recently found out we were writing this report on their product. They then offered our readers a huge discount to try Infinite Edge ME Booster. You can find the links below:


Note: Kevin and Tom both used Infinite Edge ME Booster to fix their ED.

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Tom M.

THIS WORKED SO new girlfriend can't get enough! I've been using Infinite Edge ME Booster for about a month and it has improved my ability to get and keep my erections, and my sex life has improved greatly.

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Hey Karen, so happy for you and Allan. I gave this a try because I didn't want my wife to go through what you did. Infinite Edge ME Booster really did the job. Any marital issues my wife and I had are GONE. My erections are back to normal and our sex life has that passion again. Let's spread the word.

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Great article Karen. As a single guy in his mid-20s, let's just say...I hope my competition in the dating market doesn't hear about Infinite Edge ME Booster...shhh!